Red Light District – the first Piercing Shop of Geneva – has invented an exclusive piercing method:  the MDII, small and discrete, like a sequin sitting on the skin.

There is a large demand for piercings with no visible “exit hole”. The MDII (pronounced MD2) is the answer, a gentle alternative to the Microdermal implant, a practice not available at Red Light District.

What are the characteristics of the MDII?

The MDII is not a Microdermal implant. No biopsy clip is used. The insertion of the MDII is carried out with the use of a very fine needle of 1mm in diameter. The piece of jewellery inserted is made of 18 carat gold (you can choose between yellow or white gold). The after-care required is very much reduced and there is practically no risk of rejection.

The MDII can be placed almost anywhere on the body and its removal can be executed by the piercer painlessly, with no bleeding and without leaving any mark.

Read the articles that appeared in Le temps (21 February 2007) and Femina (January 2007).